Javier Aranda

Even in small steps, those that seem insignificant, we forged our essence... the true meaning of what we really are.

20161 June
Apertura Gaytán - Javier Aranda


Born with culinary and conceptual ambition. Gaytán Chef is a tribute to its true roots and a nod to his grandfather Pedro.

Sol Repsol - Javier Aranda
M Metropoli - Javier Aranda

Sol Repsol and M Metrópoli

Steadfastness, perseverance, work well done and especially good public acceptance, they have allowed the Goat and Chef Javier Aranda continue garnering prestigious awards.

La cocina, mi forma de vida - Javier Aranda

"La cocina, mi forma de vida"

The prestigious magazine "HOLA " has its eye on Javier to carry a cooking blog.


Michelín Star

Javier achieved with 27 years the most prized culinary star; the success of a great team: 19 cooks, 11 waiters. An important achievement that revives, even more, their desire to evolve the kitchen.

Estrella Michelín - Javier Aranda

Young Values ​​Award Thermomix

Award that recognizes and publicizes the work of the new names of Spanish cuisine , recognizing the quality , innovation and creativity of their work.

20136 April

Born... La Cabra

With large doses of enthusiasm and desire to do things well , sees the light Goat . A gastronomic multi-space of over 500 square meters where you can enjoy various -appetizer spaces , dining room , wine cellar with more than ninety references, ...- where a selection of the best raw materials give seasonal basis the gastronomic proposal.

Apertura La Cabra - Javier Aranda
Jefe de Cocina en Piñera - Javier Aranda

Head chef in Piñera

It was a wonderful experience. See how to push off a business with your expertise and your daily work is very rewarding and when you have only 24 years.

Sant Celoni - Javier Aranda


That's where the kitchen have come to love as I love today. How they work , care and affection of the raw material , professionalism , perfection in everything you do and never enough.



Javier learns how hospitality, professionalism, craftsmanship above all, they are lessons that remain very present and will not let you organize.


El Bohio

Javier continues to evolve and for 8 months is formed in the renewed restaurant El Bohio (Illescas), hand Chef Pepe Rodriguez
A brutal and beautiful experience. Will I have a great affection.


Ars Vivendi

Restoration coursing slowly and thanks to Javier teachers can aspire to a series of staffs , one in Ars Vivendi , exalted stage in knowledge and experience.


Best dish of Toledo Diputación

Javier identified in the School of Hostelry, thought and desire for the profession; with wanting to be a cook.

1º Premio al Mejor Plato por la Diputación de Toledo - Javier Aranda
Nace Javier Aranda - Javier Aranda

On this day...

Javier Aranda was born in Villacañas (Toledo). He did not bring the bread under his arm... bringing a whole pantry full of good ingredients and passion for cooking

Bar El Puente - Javier Aranda

Bar "El Puente"

Pedro, the grandfather of Javier, surely is the first "major culprit" of love, dedication and professionalism with which Javier now is your kitchen.

Chef Javier Aranda
Despite his youth , Javier Aranda already has a significant background in the kitchens of Urrechu , El Bohio , Santceloni , Pinera ... Braves enthusiastically present their successful Restaurante La Cabra , with which it has achieved its first Michelin Star ; and with hope and ambition, Gaytan, its most immediate point bet to see the light.