Javier Aranda

The small steps, even those that seem insignificant, help shape our essence…the true sentiment of what we are.

M Metropoli - Javier Aranda

EME Metrópoli

Award depicts and confirms public support of Javier Aranda Restaurants and serves as inspiration to continue to improve.


Michelin Star

Javier Aranda receives a Michelin Start for his newest culinary venture, Gaytán Restaurant. This is the second Michelin star received by the young chef in Madrid, the first for his original restaurant La Cabra.

Estrella Michelin - Javier Aranda
20161 June
Apertura Gaytán - Javier Aranda


Javier Aranda opened the doors to his newest restaurant, Gaytán, in June 2016. This was born as a result of culinary and conceptual ambition. The restaurant itself pays tribute to Javier’s roots and his grandfather Pedro

Sol Repsol - Javier Aranda
M Metropoli - Javier Aranda

Sol Repsol and M Metrópoli

La Cabra and Javier Aranda continue to receive awards, recognition and public support due to their perseverance, consistency and continuous exceptional work.

La cocina, mi forma de vida - Javier Aranda

"La cocina, mi forma de vida"

Prestigious “HOLA” magazine provides Javier a platform to establish a cooking blog.


Michelin Star

At merely 27 years old, Javier Aranda receives his first Michelin Star for La Cabra. The prestigious culinary award was obtained as a result of a great team effort composed of 19 cooks and 11 waiters. The award represents an important achievement for the young chef and fuels his desire to continue evolving.

Estrella Michelin - Javier Aranda

Young Values ​​Award Thermomix

Award identifies and recognizes the new up and coming names in Spanish cuisine; individuals are recognized for quality, tradition and creativity within the culinary sphere.

20136 April

La Cabra is born

culinary establishment: La Cabra. This culinary venture offers various unique and multifunctional spaces including, “Tapería, Gastronomic, Private Rom, Cellar, Library and Cocktail Bar, ideal for any guest and occasion.

Apertura La Cabra - Javier Aranda
Jefe de Cocina en Piñera - Javier Aranda

Head Chef at Piñera

Being head chef at Piñera was a wonderful experience. Seeing how your knowledge of cuisine and daily tasks transform a business is very rewarding, especially when you are only 24 years old.

Sant Celoni - Javier Aranda


Here is where I fell in love with cooking and cuisine as a whole. How it works, the care and skill required to deal with raw ingredients, the professionalism and perfectionism necessary for anything and everything.



Javier learns what it means to work in the hospitality industry, specifically at a restaurant where professionalism and effectiveness reign above all. These are the lessons he will never forget and carry on throughout his career.


Ars Vivendi

While studying Culinary Arts, Javier was able to participate in a series of internships, one of them at Ars Viendi Restaurant. Thanks to his teachers, this stage in his life was full of experiences and gained knowledge.


El Bohio

Javier continues to evolve and for 8 months learns from Chef Pepe Rodríguez at El Bohío Restaurant. “It was a beautiful experience. I care fondly for him.”


Best dish of Toledo Diputación

Javier reveals his passion for the restaurant industry and cooking while at the School of Hospitality.

1º Premio al Mejor Plato por la Diputación de Toledo - Javier Aranda
Nace Javier Aranda - Javier Aranda

One day...

Javier Aranda was born in Villacañas (Toledo)

Bar El Puente - Javier Aranda

"El Puente" Bar

Pedro, Javier’s grandfather is responsible for his passion for cooking along with his dedication and expertise.

Chef Javier Aranda
The Toledo chef Javier Aranda has his restaurant Gaytán in Madrid, with a Michelin star. With it, it has become a reference restaurant and a gastronomic whim of the city.