Never stop surprising...

Gaytán is like a surprise, something you don’t expect but inevitably makes you feel good. Displaying a unique concept of culinary excellence, Chef Javier Aranda offers an experience in which plates are elaborated directly opposite the guests. The grand oval shaped kitchen renders the client’s curiosity and provides an environment in which guests can enjoy the true art that is cooking while interacting with chefs live and in person.

Gaytán Restaurant

C/ Príncipe de Vergara, 205 (Right side)    28002 - Madrid

Phone: (+34) 91 348 50 30

Email: [email protected]


Two options carefully designed to exceed your expectations. Which would you prefer?



  • Javier Aranda's INAUREM MENU is a proposal from our chef and his team to enjoy the best raw material of the season. Javier, with great commitment and passion, prepares each elaboration with special attention to detail. In this menu you will be able to taste a compilation of his most innovative and exquisite creations. It is a journey of authentic flavours and a treat for the palate.

Wine pairing 55€ (opcional)





  • The current JAVIER ARANDA menu illustrates the chef and his team’s full study of the seasonal gems. It showcases the best raw materials through unique elaborations where you’ll be able to taste a compilation of all the dishes he has worked on that led to the creation of this menu.

Wine pairing 68€ (optional)




It is served at noon Tuesday to Saturday


• The prices shown are per person, IVA included.
• During the tasting, we will offer different breads made by craftsmen in our Restaurant.
• The menus can be altered by the chef. Depending on the season and the product that is received daily in the restaurant.
• If you have allergies or intolerances it is absolutely necessary to inform in full detail when booking.
• Menus will be served for the whole table.

Chef Javier Aranda
The Toledo chef Javier Aranda has his restaurant Gaytán in Madrid, with a Michelin star. With it, it has become a reference restaurant and a gastronomic whim of the city.